Saturday, July 31, 2010


I drove up to Saskatoon a few days ago to see the mighty Inquisition play. Before Inquisition destroyed the handful of prairie shitheads that bothered to show up, we were pre-destroyed by Gyibaaw. Hailing from Prince George, B.C. and playing "Tsimshian War Metal" (their term), these guys play a vicious form of black metal with most lyrics in "S'malygax", a traditional language of the Tsimshian people. There's killer atmospheric bits peppered throughout this recording using traditional instruments, and live, the dude busted out an awesome wooden flute.
You can pick up their debut Ancestral War Hymns at shows, obviously, as well as from Ross Bay Cult, The Basar N.A., and various other distros. But for the hesitant, have a listen:

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