Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Eastern Force of Evil

An "official bootleg" I guess, I was pretty stoked to get this in a trade a few years ago. Back in the 90's Sigh played about 75% Venom covers when they played live and this album is about the same (and there's a couple of Death covers as well). Taken from from a few different shows in their native Japan, the sound quality ranges from listenable to kinda awful. Still, it's a cool document of a stripped-down Sigh playing mostly covers to half-interested audiences.
Also, check out the killer re-issue label The Crypt for deluxe extra-fancy vinyl editions of some of Sigh's albums coming later this year. Infidel Art and Ghastly Funeral Theatre have already come and gone from the label, but you might be able to track them down elsewhere.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

L'appel du néant

Malveillance is a Quebecois punky, d-beat-ish black metal (one-man) band. Not too far off from stuff like Akitsa or Bone Awl. This 2006 demo opens up with seven (!) Ramones covers, then follows up with ten tracks of particularly hateful and primitive blackmetalpunk.