Monday, May 17, 2010


Well, shit. I was out of town visiting family all day yesterday and came home to read that a legend has passed. His is probably the most upsetting celebrity/musician death that I've experienced and I don't quite know what to do or feel. I've been kinda shook up all day. After I found out last night, I cracked a beer (one of my fancy ones hiding in the back of the fridge) even though I didn't really want one, went to my back yard, raised my drink to the sky, took a sip then poured a little on my lawn. Seems like a silly thing to do now that I've typed it out, but... Then I went inside, put on some Dio-Sabbath and finished my beer.
I'm so glad that I was able to see him with Heaven and Hell two or three years back. I was right in front of one of the big speakers that he'd climb atop during some songs. I swear that he tried to smile at and make eye contact with everyone in the building. My horn-trowing hand was sore that night.
Everyone should be listening to some Dio today. Over and over and over. Last in Line is, of course, classic, classy, immortal Dio. Have a listen and enjoy, those who don't already have it. And R.I.P. Ronnie.

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